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Does Micrococcus luteus reduce nitrate?

Micrococcus luteus (Kocur, PBEovB & Martinec, 1972) has a GC content in DNA of 70-7 to 755 %, is asaccharolytic and does not reduce nitrates.

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Similarly one may ask, is Micrococcus luteus nitrate positive?

Micrococcus luteus is a Gram-positive, to Gram-variable, nonmotile, coccus, tetrad-arranging, pigmented, saprotrophic bacterium that belongs to the family Micrococcaceae. It is urease and catalase positive. M. luteus is coagulase negative, bacitracin susceptible, and forms bright yellow colonies on nutrient agar.

Also, does Micrococcus luteus ferment? Micrococci are gram-positive organisms that are generally strict aerobes and can reduce nitrate. Micrococcus luteus oxidizes carbohydrates to CO2 and water, and it does not produce acid from glucose anaerobically as well as it does not synthesize or possess arginine dihydrolase or ß-galactosidase.

what is the arrangement of Micrococcus luteus?

Micrococcus luteus are Gram-positive, to Gram-variable, motile -non motile, that are 0.5 to 3.5 micrometers in diameter and usually arranged in tetrads or irregular clusters. They are generally strict aerobes and can generally reduce nitrate.

Is Micrococcus luteus oxidase positive or negative?

Micrococcus occurs in a wide range of environments, including water, dust, and soil. Micrococci have Gram-positive spherical cells ranging from about 0.5 to 3 micrometers in diameter and typically appear in tetrads. They are catalase positive, oxidase positive, indole negative and citrate negative.

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