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Does light affect fermentation wine?

It's particularly important when fermenting your wine in a clear glass carboy, because the light can harm the yeasts and interfere with your fermentation. Sunlight can also affect the temperature, and the yeasts can die if it gets too hot.

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Also asked, does light affect fermentation?

ESPECIALLY if the fermentation vessel is clear, but generally, keep it out of the light. Light (specifically, UV rays) will skunk the beer, producing off-flavors. It's probably better if you have a closet or someplace else out of the way that's dark to ferment.

Secondly, should wine ferment in the dark? you want to keep beer out of direct sun light and UV lights because of the hops (apparently indirect is ok). since mead has no hops there is no need to keep it in the dark. That's not so. Meads and wines and ciders are damaged by UV light- they can get "light struck" and taste bad.

Similarly, does light affect wine?

Light. Direct sunlight or incandescent light can adversely react with phenolic compounds in wine and create "wine faults". Light-bodied white wines run the greatest risk from light exposure, and for that reason, they are often packaged in tinted wine bottles that offer some protection from light.

What Temperature Does wine need to ferment?

Desirable fermentation temperatures vary for red and white wines. Red wine fermentation temperatures are optimally between 68-86°F (20-30°C), while white wine fermentation temperatures are recommended at or below 59°F (15°C) (Reynolds et al. 2001).

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