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Does Liam remember Ruby in the darkest minds?

Ruby takes control over Rob and he is killed in a car crash. Badly injured Ruby gets picked up by her friends. Liam is better now but his mind is in confusion. Eventually, Ruby returns his memory back to him.

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Hereof, does Liam remember Ruby in never fade?

Some part of Liam recognizes and loves Ruby still, but he still cant remember her or anything that happened in their past. He confronts her about his memories, and somehow, by accident, Ruby manages to return his erased memories to him.

Furthermore, is there gonna be darkest minds 2? It is entirely possible for 'The Darkest Minds' to get a sequel since there is more of the source material to work with. Bracken's series has more books apart from 'The Darkest Minds', including 'Never Fade' and 'In the Afterlight'.

Keeping this in view, what happens to Liam in never fade?

Never Fade Ruby soon discovers from looking in Liam's brother, Cole, a League agent, that when Cole and Liam saw each other last, Liam accidentally took a flash-drive from his brother that supposedly contains information on the cause and cure of IAAN. Ruby then must find Liam and retrieve the flash-drive.

Are Liam and Ruby in the darkest legacy?

While The Darkest Legacy is very clearly Zu's story, it does feature many characters from the original Darkest Minds series, including Ruby, Liam, Chubs, Vida, and more. In addition, The Darkest Legacy touches on themes relevant to today's political climate in a thought-provoking way.

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