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Does Las Vegas have an MLS team?

On August 11, 2017, Las Vegas was formally announced as a USL expansion team that would join the league in 2018. The team unveiled its official name, Las Vegas Lights FC, on August 29 and its official crest in late October.

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In respect to this, are the Las Vegas lights MLS?

Cashman Field is currently home to Las Vegas Lights FC, which plays in a professional league a tier below the MLS. The Lights would be sold to Baupost Group LLC, a hedge fund managed by billionaire Seth Klarman, and become the city's MLS expansion team under the plan.

Furthermore, what teams are joining the MLS? MLS is currently at 26 teams, when Inter Miami CF and Nashville SC became the 25th and 26th teams in 2020, respectively.

Confirmed expansion teams.

Team Announced Debut
Charlotte December 17, 2019 2021
St. Louis August 20, 2019 2022
Sacramento Republic October 21, 2019 2022

In respect to this, does Las Vegas have any professional sports teams?

The Las Vegas Valley has two major league professional teams: the Vegas Golden Knights of the National Hockey League (NHL), which began play in 2017 as the region's first major pro team and the Las Vegas Aces of the WNBA.

What is the next MLS expansion team?

Charlotte is one six teams joining the league over the next three years. Nashville and Miami will join in 2020, Charlotte and Austin, Texas in 2021 and then Sacramento and St. Louis will begin play in 2022. Garber indicated the league, which will stand at 30 teams by 2022, is likely done with expansion for a while.

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