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Does James Hardie siding fade?

Yes, Hardie siding will fade after prolonged periods of sun exposure. This is the case with any exterior product - any manufacturer, supplier, or contractor telling you otherwise is either lying or mistaken. The wonderful thing about the finish on Hardie is, the fading is minimal.

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Then, how long does James Hardie siding last?

50 years

Also, does James Hardie siding need to be painted? Since cement board siding is so durable to pests and rot, repair is rarely needed and unlike other siding, hardie plank will never deteriorate. Painting: Hardie board siding is known to retain paint longer than wood. Because it is moisture-resistant, it never swells or rots so the paint never peels, chips or cracks.

Also to know is, does Hardie board fade?

James Hardie fiber cement provides a 15-year warranty against chipping and peeling on their pre-finished product. However, fading will occur over time whether you choose the primed version or the pre-painted version, so you will eventually need to repaint your fiber cement siding.

Is James Hardie siding worth it?

James Hardie's fiber cement siding is a great choice for many homes since it can drastically improve the curb appeal and increase home value. Overall, James Hardie is a great investment for those looking for a long-lasting and low-maintenance siding material.

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