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Does IntelliJ save automatically?

Every time it saves your files, IntelliJ IDEA actually saves a diff of your file from it's previous state, and saves that as well. You can see the entire edit history of your files (going back some number of days), see the changes you've made, and roll back any change.

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Consequently, does IntelliJ autosave?

As you might know when using IntelliJ (I use 14.0. 2), it often autosaves files. There are options that one would think should have an effect on this, such as Settings > Appearance & Behavior > System Settings > Synchronization > Save files automatically if application is idle for X sec.

Furthermore, does PyCharm save automatically? 2 Answers. By default PyCharm will save files whenever you switch apps. If you want to see which files it hasn't saved yet, there is a config options for this under Settings -> Editor -> General -> Editor Tabs you can check the Mark modified (*) option.

Hereof, how do I turn off auto save in IntelliJ?

How to disable auto-save:

  1. Go to File > Settings (Ctrl+Alt+S).
  2. Go to Appearance & Behavior > System Settings.
  3. Make sure the two are unchecked:
  4. Go to Editor > General > Editor Tabs.
  5. Put a checkmark on "Mark modified files with asterisk"

Where are IntelliJ files stored?

Project settings are stored in the project directory as a set of XML files under the . idea folder. This folder contains both user-specific settings that shouldn't be placed under version control and project settings that are normally shared among developers working in a team, for example, the code style configuration.

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