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Does Hulu still have chance?

Hulu has canceled “Chance,” its drama series starring Hugh Laurie, after two seasons. Hailing from Fox 21 Television Studios, “Chance” was given a two-season pick-up by Hulu in 2016. Season one premiered in October, 2016, with the second season premiering in October, 2017.

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Also asked, will there be a season 3 of chance on Hulu?

'Chance' Cancelled at Hulu — No Season 3 for Hugh Laurie Drama | TVLine.

One may also ask, how many seasons does chance have on Hulu? 2

Besides, did Hulu cancel chance?

'Chance,' Starring Hugh Laurie, Canceled at Hulu. The drama, picked up with a two-season order, hailed from Fox 21 Television Studios and will not return for a third cycle. Chance has seen its last day at Hulu. The streaming outlet has canceled the Hugh Laurie drama after a two-season run.

Why was chance Cancelled?

Three months after postponing most of the dates on his “Big Tour,” Chance the Rapper announced on Sunday that he was canceling the outing altogether, bookending a rough professional period for the artist. In an Instagram post, the rapper blamed the cancellation on a desire to be with his family.

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