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Does Honda Civic have blind spot monitor?

The 2020 Honda Civic does not come with a blind-spot monitor on any trim level. However, it does feature Honda LaneWatch™ on the EX trim and above. This unique system literally “monitors” the “blind-spot” on the right side of your vehicle, though it uses a camera to do so rather than radar.

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Then, does Honda have blind spot monitor?

Honda is discontinuing LaneWatch in favor of blind-spot monitoring. LaneWatch is a camera-based assist that projects a live feed of the vehicle's right-side blind spot on the car's infotainment screen. First introduced in 2012, the feature is still on six Honda models, including the new 2019 Insight hybrid.

Likewise, does 2018 Honda Civic have blind spot monitor? The 2018 Civic comes standard with antilock disc brakes, stability and traction control, front side airbags, full-length side airbags and a rearview camera. Honda's LaneWatch blind spot monitoring system comes standard on the EX trim level and higher (EX-T on the coupe).

Similarly, it is asked, does 2019 Honda Civic have blind spot monitor?

This means all 2019 Civics come equipped with adaptive cruise control, automatic high beams, forward-collision warning, front automated emergency braking, lane-departure warning and lane-keep assist. No Honda Civic is available with parking sensors, blind spot detection or rear cross-traffic alert.

Does 2017 Honda Civic have blind spot monitor?

Honda LaneWatch: This available blind-spot camera system takes a view from a passenger mirror–mounted camera and projects it on your in-dash screen when signaling a lane change so you can have a better view of the passenger blind spot.

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