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Does Home Depot recycle old power tools?

Consumers can bring in their old power drill to any Home Depot U.S. store and trade up to a lithium-ion drill and Home Depot will recycle your old drill. In addition, on Nov.

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Also asked, does Home Depot recycle power tools?

It's time to 'Trade In, Trade Up' your power tools. Now through October 27th you can bring in your used or broken power drills to any of our stores and we'll dispose of them using our zero landfill tool recycling process – which ensures every piece of material is reprocessed for reuse.

Similarly, what does Home Depot accept for recycling? Customers can drop off their rechargeable batteries in collection bins at Home Depot stores. The bins are then shipped to facilities where they are sorted and recycled. Various metals are extracted and used to create new stainless steel products, including pots and pans, new batteries and even golf clubs.

Thereof, where can I dispose of old power tools?

Contact your nearest power tool dealer or service center to see if it will recycle your tool for you. Some companies, including Bosch and Festool, allow consumers to drop off their old power tools at one of their dealers or service centers to be properly disassembled and recycled.

What can I do with used power tools?

How to Recycle Old Tools: Contact the Dealer. Some tool companies, such as Bosch, allow customers to drop off their old power tools at one of their dealers or service centers. These tools are then properly disassembled and taken to recycling centers.

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