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Does gray PVC need primer?

According to the manufacturer, one class requires the application of primer, such as All-Purpose cement, Regular Clear PVC cement and Medium Gray PVC cement. The other class does not require the application of primer, such as Hot Medium Blue Lava PVC cement and Rain-R-Shine® Medium Blue PVC cement.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, do I need primer for PVC?

Some will tell you that primer is not necessary to create strong PVC joints. While you may be able to create strong joints without it, primer is an important part in making sure your joints are as strong as they possibly can be. We recommend you use primer on any joints that will have liquid media passing through them.

Also Know, do you let PVC primer dry before cement? No - PVC Primer does not need to 'dry' before use - in fact, it needs to be wet to do it's job and not impede the cement - remember, plumbers in a hurry use this daily and aren't sitting around waiting for the primer to dry before grabbing the cement.

Beside this, does PVC primer go bad?

PVC & ABS Cements / Primers and Cleaners have 3 year shelf life from date of manufacture, and CPVC has 2 year shelf life from date of manufacture.

Should you sand PVC before gluing?

In know that PVC should be chamfered and even lightly sanded before gluing for better insertion on the fitting (and probably some other reason). What about CPVC, a manual told me to just cut, apply glue and insert the pipe into the fitting keeping pressure. No sanding, no chamfering and no wiping with primer.

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