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Does Google have an email client?

Their mail app for Windows works with allPOP accounts like Gmail, Yahoo and AOL. While their free versionsupports Gmail, Windows Live/Outlook and Mac clientslike iCloud, you get access to Microsoft Exchange, Office365, Google Apps and other IMAP accounts only with the proversion.

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In respect to this, does Google have a desktop email client?

Gmail is the leading webmail client, butdesktop email clients remain a thing. They're appealingbecause you can store your emails locally and accessthem anytime. What if Gmail could be more like a desktopclient, while not dropping any of its killerfeatures?

does Windows 10 have an email client? Long gone is Outlook Express, and the new Windows10 Mail client is here to fill its role, now with touchsupport and a new minimalist, flat design. This new Windows10 Mail app, which comes preinstalled along withCalendar, is actually part of the free version of Microsoft'sOffice Mobile productivity suite.

Accordingly, what is the best email client for Gmail?

Here's our picks for our favorite Gmail clients onWindows.

  • Mailbird. Mailbird looks and feels like a Windows 10 app and isquite similar to Outlook, at least in visual design.
  • Mailbird Lite.
  • Thunderbird.
  • Inky.
  • TouchMail.
  • Opera Mail.
  • Zimbra Desktop.
  • eM Client.

What is a desktop email client?

Email client is a desktop application thatenables configuring one or more email addresses to receive,read, compose and send emails from that emailaddress(s) through the desktop interface. Emailclient is also known as email reader or mail user agent(MUA).

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