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Does George O'Malley die on GREY's anatomy?

Grey's Anatomy” lost one of its surgeons on Thursday's sixth-season premiere, when Dr. George O'Malley died during the opening moments of the show. One of those characters was O'Malley, who jumped in front of a bus to rescue a woman he didn't know.

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In this regard, what episode does George O'Malley die?

Good Mourning

why does George die in GREY's anatomy? On his way home, George jumps in front of a bus to save someone's life. He is hit by the bus in the process and is rushed to Seattle Grace as a John Doe because he is so unrecognizable.

In this manner, how does George O'Malley die in GREY's anatomy?

When a John Doe is brought into the hospital following a bus crash, the team works to save him — not realizing that the disfigured person is actually George, their fellow surgeon and friend. While George is able to tell Meredith who he is by tracing his nickname "007," he ultimately dies in the season 6 finale.

Does George O'Malley come back to GREY's anatomy?

George O'Malley is finally making his way back to TV. Okay, technically Dr. O'Malley isn't coming back to Grey's, but T.R. Knight is coming back to ShondaLand, and that's really important and exciting.

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