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Does Frenectomy affect smile?

What's a frenectomy? An easier way to smile, talk, eat, straighten your teeth. With oral frena, these detrimental effects include talking, eating and stripping away your good gum tissues. Orthodontic therapy (straightening the teeth through “braces”) also may be adversely affected.

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Also, does Frenectomy change smile?

A frenectomy can improve more than your smile.

Secondly, is a Frenectomy really necessary? Frenectomies can be an important part of orthodontic treatment when a long or short frenum is causing tooth or jaw displacement. When treating a patient with a gap between their front teeth, an orthodontist may recommend a maxillary frenectomy after braces to prevent the teeth from spreading apart after treatment.

Also, how long does it take for a labial Frenectomy to heal?

Patients usually recover from frenectomy surgery within an approximate period of 10 days to two weeks. This depends on the patient's health condition and healing rate.

Does a labial Frenectomy hurt?

A frenectomy is typically performed in one of two ways: with scissors or with a laser. Both procedures are quick and simple, but laser procedures (such as the Solea Laser that we use at White River Dental) are considered to be nearly painless.

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