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Does five guys have lettuce burgers?

Nix bun for Five Guys' almost guilt-free lettuce burger. The secret: Five Guys will replace your hamburger bun with two leaves of iceberg lettuce, reducing the indulgence to virtually zero carbs (before the fries, that is). Five Guys has been in Wichita Falls for several years.

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Similarly, does five guys have lettuce wrap burgers?

Lettuce wraps and burger bowls are available in place of hamburger buns too, which is awesome! Instead of ordering multiple burgers, you can just add a patty! This will save you some money. FIVE GUYS KETO SECRET: When you order a bacon cheeseburger, you can add extra cheese and bacon for FREE.

Secondly, what is a Burger Bowl at Five Guys? The “bowl” (served in a to-go container) is comprised of two bacon cheeseburger patties, extra bacon, pickles, grilled onions, green peppers, mustard, and mayo.

does Five Guys Do bunless burgers?

If you're itching for the Five Guys famous burger, the Bunless Little Hamburger is your best bet with 220 calories, 17 grams of fat, and 50 milligrams of sodium. Ask for veggie toppings like mushrooms, green peppers, onions, jalapeno, lettuce and tomatoes for between 3 to 10 calories each per serving.

What kind of lettuce does five guys use?

We use iceberg lettuce in our restaurants.

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