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Does each state have an equal number of representatives and senators?

The Framers created a bicameral legislature. The House would be based on the population of each state, with more populated states given more representatives (the Virginia Plan). However, each state has the same number of senators, two.

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Keeping this in view, does each state have equal representation in the Senate?

During the 1787 convention, Sherman proposed that House representation be based on the population, while in the Senate, the states would be equally represented. Benjamin Franklin agreed that each state should have an equal vote in the Senate except in matters concerning money.

Additionally, which chamber of Congress has an equal number of members for each state? If a state has a large population, like New York, there are two U.S. Senators. This way, every state has an equal vote in the Senate.

Moreover, what has an equal number of representatives from each state?

Each state receives representation in the House in proportion to the size of its population but is entitled to at least one representative. There are currently 435 representatives, a number fixed by law since 1911. The most populous state, California, currently has 53 representatives.

How many representatives are there in each state in Nigeria?

Nigerian state delegations There must be three hundred and sixty (360) members in total, representing constituencies for the Federal House of Representatives.

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