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Does Dunkin Donuts sell hot chocolate K cups?

Bring home everything you love about Dunkin' Donuts® with our Keurig® K-Cup® pods. Enjoy an authentic Dunkin' Donuts experience in no time at all. Cozy up to the warm, chocolatey taste of Dunkin' Donuts Hot Cocoa, fresh from your Keurig® brewer.

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Consequently, does Dunkin Donuts Make Hot Chocolate K Cups?

Hot Cocoa K-Cup® Pods: Naturally and Artificially Flavored Cozy up to the warm, delicious taste of Dunkin' Hot Cocoa. A beverage everyone in the family can enjoy, our new K-Cup® pods have a delicious milk chocolate flavor and can be ready in no time.

One may also ask, what is the best K cup hot chocolate? 5 Best Hot Chocolate K-Cups – Reviews 2020

  1. Starbucks Classic Hot Cocoa K-Cup – Best Overall. Check Latest Price on Amazon.
  2. Two Rivers Hot Chocolate K-Cup Sampler Pack.
  3. Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa / Hot Chocolate K Cups.
  4. Grove Square Hot Cocoa/Milk Chocolate K Cups.
  5. Mountain High All Natural Hot-Chocolate K Cups (Milk Chocolate)

Similarly, does Dunkin Donuts sell hot chocolate?

White Hot Chocolate is a rich, smooth, buttery beverage with a hint of vanilla. It joins Dunkin' Donuts' classic Hot Chocolate, which is a delicious milk chocolate-flavored beverage. Both beverages are topped with whipped cream and offer consumers hot treats that will warm them through the winter months.

How much is a hot chocolate at Dunkin Donuts?

Dunkin' Donuts Menu Prices

Food Size Price
Hot Chocolate Medium $2.15
Hot Chocolate Large $2.35
Hot Chocolate X-Large $2.55
Hot Tea Small $1.59

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