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Does Diddy son play for UCLA?

Diddy's son only got onto UCLA football team because his father is a celebrity, claims university coach who recruited him. P. Diddy's son Justin Combs only made it onto the UCLA football team because of his famous father, claims the university coach that recruited him.

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Beside this, where does P Diddy son play football?

UCLA Bruins

Likewise, what team does Justin Combs play for? UCLA defensive back Justin Combs has appeared in seven games over two seasons for the Bruins and has registered four tackles.

Herein, does Justin Combs have a son?

He is a father of 5 biological kids and one adopted son – a rapper Quincy Brown. Justin Combs is his first child.

Did Justin Combs graduate from UCLA?

Justin Combs Graduates From UCLA. Diddy and Misa Hylton's son, Justin Combs, graduated from UCLA on Thursday (June 9). Justin is officially the first person in his father's family to graduate from college and Diddy couldn't be more proud.

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