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Does Costco sell garden soil?

Planting, potting and organic soils, along with planters, pots, greenhouses, indoor gardening systems, seeds, bulbs, live plants, gardening tools and much more, can be found in the warehouse or on

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Also, does Costco have garden supplies?

From ponds & fountains to planters and garden beds, Costco has all the tools and supplies to satisfy your green thumb all season long! At Costco, your garden is special to us; that's why we're thrilled to bring you only the best quality products at our signature wholesale prices. Shop online today and save!

Furthermore, do Costco sell plants? Costco is selling succulent gardens for $20 as the houseplant craze takes over in the United States. Millennials are thought to account for one-third of houseplant sales in the US.

Secondly, how much is potting soil at Costco?

Costco shoppers! You can get a huge 55 qt. bag of MiracleGro Organics Choice rotting mix for a great price at Costco, currently just $9.99! Grab this organic potting mix now as this is a seasonal item and won't be carried for long at Costco.

How much is mulch at Costco?

[Costco] Costco: Landscape Mulch $4.99 /bag.

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