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Does Colton's Steakhouse serve alcohol?

Served on the rocks or frozen. Colton's Signature Drink! A mix of Cuervo Gold tequila, Grand Marnier and Sweet & Sour! Wine list available on request.

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Also, does Coltons in Searcy serve alcohol?

You can now enjoy an alcoholic beverage with your meal at Colton's Steakhouse and Grill. Colton's joins the Rock House as the two restaurants in Searcy that have been granted licenses.

Also Know, how much are Colton's rolls? Colton's Menu Prices

Item Price
Steak Dinners
Our aged mesquite grilled steak dinners include homemade yeast rolls and any two regular sides. Sub a premium side for $1.00.
Sirloin (9oz.) $13.59
Sirloin (6oz.) $10.99

Considering this, does Colton's Steakhouse serve rolls?

“Dinner rolls were to die for” Review of Colton's Steak House and Grill. As always restaurants have a signature appetizers that come complimentary with the meal.

How many Colton's steakhouses are there?

HCS currently operates seven of the thirty-seven Colton's. Today, all CSHG restaurants operate as franchises, with locations in Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma and Tennessee. The current owners of CRG also own an interest in over half of the Colton's now in operation.

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