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Does BWS have zip pay?

Zip Pay is a reusable account of up to $1000 that lets you shop now and pay later. No upfront payments and interest free always.

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Keeping this in consideration, can you ZipPay alcohol?

BWS eGift Card BWS stands for Beer, Wines and Spirits, and great prices, great brands, and friendly service every time. You'll get specials on beer, wine and spirits today and every day, in every store.

Similarly, does dominos do ZipPay? If you're interested in using Google Wallet, you can now set up an account within the Domino's mobile app or at As an incentive, Domino's is offering some free grub to those who take advantage of the technology.

In this regard, does JB Hi Fi have zip pay?

Shop at JB Hi-Fi now, Use Zip to buy a gift card for your purchase. You'll pay nothing upfront, and enjoy flexible, interest-free repayments from only $10 per week.

What bills can I pay with zip?

Eligible customers can use the funds in their Zip account to pay any BPAY bill.

  • Pay a huge range of bills. Pay everyday bills like phone and utilities, or 'smooth out' larger bills such as school fees, tax and more.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Interest free.
  • With flexible repayments.

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