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Does August Smart Lock work with SmartThings?

August and Connected by August Locks Are Now Directly Compatible with SmartThings. While the August Smart Lock Pro + Connect and Yale Locks have been compatible with SmartThings in the past, customers had to use Z-Wave to connect SmartThings to their locks.

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Also, does August door lock work with SmartThings?

Best answer: Yes. The August Smart Lock Pro utilizes a technology called Z-Wave, which is compatible with the SmartThings Hub. Using the SmartThings Classic app, you can connect your August Smart Lock Pro and have full control from your Android or iOS device.

Furthermore, can you have two August smart locks? For total integration and really allows you to enjoy everything August has to offer. You can connect as many August Locks as you want with the Bridge and/or HomeKit. You just need to "label" their location, ie Front Door, Back Door, Kitchen, etc. One connect should be enough for both multiple locks.

Furthermore, how do you add August Smart Lock to SmartThings?

Connecting to a SmartThings Z-Wave Hub

  1. Tap My Home.
  2. Under Things, tap Add a Thing at the bottom of your Things list.
  3. The app will say Looking for devices…
  4. While the Hub searches, use the August App to perform the inclusion process on your lock:
  5. Navigate to the Settings tab > Lock Settings > Z-Wave Settings.

How do I use Siri with August Smart Lock?

Open the August app on your iPhone and click the gear icon at the bottom right. Tap on your lock and select “Home Settings” then tap “Enable Siri.” When prompted, add a new HomeKit house or choose an existing one to add your August Smart Lock and then select which room to associate it with.

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