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Does atherosclerosis lead to arteriosclerosis?

Atherosclerosis is a specific type of arteriosclerosis, but the terms are sometimes used interchangeably. Atherosclerosis refers to the buildup of fats, cholesterol and other substances in and on your artery walls (plaque), which can restrict blood flow. The plaque can burst, triggering a blood clot.

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Consequently, what is the difference between atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis?

Arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis are different conditions. Arteriosclerosis is the stiffening or hardening of the artery walls. Atherosclerosis is the narrowing of the artery because of plaque build-up. Atherosclerosis is a specific type of arteriosclerosis.

Additionally, what is the impact of arteriosclerosis? Arteriosclerosis is the hardening of the arteries. This condition not only thickens the wall of arteries but also causes stiffness and a loss of elasticity. Over time, the arteries become harder and harder as they are slowly damaged by high blood pressure.

Additionally, what is the main cause of arteriosclerosis?

Atherosclerosis is a narrowing of the arteries caused by a buildup of plaque. Arteries are the blood vessels that carry oxygen and nutrients from your heart to the rest of your body. As you get older, fats, cholesterol, and calcium can collect in your arteries and form plaque.

What is the best treatment for atherosclerosis?

Here are some common choices:

  • Cholesterol medications.
  • Anti-platelet medications.
  • Beta blocker medications.
  • Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors.
  • Calcium channel blockers.
  • Water pills (diuretics).
  • Other medications.

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