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Does Ansible run as root?

Ansible uses your local user (eg Mike) to ssh to the remote machine. (That required Mike to be able to ssh to the machine) From there it can change to a remote user if needed. 3 it will not use root but that user.

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Similarly, does Ansible need to run as root?

pub. Note: Ansible does not require root access; however, if you choose to use a non-root user, you must configure the appropriate sudo permissions for the tasks you want to accomplish. You will be prompted for the root password for servera, which will allow your SSH key to be installed on the remote host.

Also Know, what is become true in Ansible? Become. Ansible allows you to 'become' another user, different from the user that logged into the machine (remote user). This is done using existing privilege escalation tools, which you probably already use or have configured, like sudo , su , pfexec , doas , pbrun , dzdo , ksu and others.

Also to know, how do I become an Ansible root user?

-b - "become", tell Ansible to become another user when running the command. This is how you run as different users or promote yourself to the root user. --become-user=root - Run the following commands as user "root" (e.g. use "sudo" with the command). We can define any existing user here.

How does Ansible connect to remote hosts?

Connecting to remote nodes Ansible communicates with remote machines over the SSH protocol. By default, Ansible uses native OpenSSH and connects to remote machines using your current user name, just as SSH does.

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