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Does Albertsons sell Thrifty ice cream?

A Rite Aid executive said Tuesday that Albertsons plans to keep the Thrifty brand alive and will sell the ice cream in its grocery stores. As Thrifty grew into the biggest drugstore chain on the West Coast, it left the Hollywood factory behind.

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Moreover, who sells Thrifty brand ice cream?

Rite Aid

Likewise, does Rite Aid still sell Thrifty ice cream? Until recently, Rite Aid sold Thrifty Ice Cream only in its California stores, which now number about 540. In May, the drug chain introduced eight flavors of the brand at stores in Idaho, Oregon and Washington, where it has approximately 220 stores combined. -based Rite Aid, said in a statement.

Also question is, does Walgreens sell Thrifty ice cream?

Rite Aid acquired the ice cream brand when it bought Thrifty Payless in 1996 for $1.3 billion. There are Thrifty “hand dip stations” in more than 500 stores , primarily in California where Rite Aid and Albertsons hope to be strong competitors with rival grocers and pharmacies like Walgreens, CVS Health and Walmart.

Does Rite Aid serve ice cream?

The Rite-Aids stores don't have self serve ice cream. They have ice cream that an employee scoops out for you and puts it in either the cup or cone. No they don't make the ice cream behind the counter.

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