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Does a prescriptive easement transfer with the sale of property?

If a prescriptive easement is established, it conveys only a right to use the property, and conveys no ownership interest. Title to the property is maintained as it was prior to the easement. In contrast, when real estate is acquired by adverse possession, actual ownership of the land is transferred.

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Furthermore, what is an example of easement by prescription?

An example of a prescriptive easement would be property owner using a part of his neighbor's property, to travel across as a means of accessing perhaps a side road that isn't in front of that owner's house.

can you lose a prescriptive easement? 149.). "Generally, a prescriptive easement once acquired can be extinguished by actions of the servient tenement which satisfy the same elements required for the creation of the easement." Zimmer v.

Simply so, can I sell my easement?

Selling an Easement You can sell these rights much like you would sell a piece of property. You will need a contract that outlines terms of use and will need to file the easement in public archives. The easement will then remain with the property, even if you sell it down the road.

What are prescriptive rights?

Easements, the right of use over the property of another, generally relate to rights of way whether the right be for access or for services or otherwise. A prescriptive easement is one where the use must be as “of right” and not as a result of force, secrecy or permission and for a minimum period of 20 years.

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