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Does a chicken run need to be covered?

Yes cover the run. The chicks will eventually be able to fly over the fence and four foot high is plenty high enough. The main problem you will run into is hawks and other predators getting your chicks. You get so attached to these little fellas and it will brake your heart if something happens to them.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, what should I cover my chicken run with?

Ground cover within the coop can be anything from wood chips, straw and grass to bare ground. Organic materials tend to break down quickly and plain sand is a popular choice for its durability. Whatever you choose, make sure the chickens may easily scratch and dig.

Similarly, what temperature is too cold for chickens? Chickens can handle very cold temperatures. Some experts say chickens don't really start suffering until the temperature inside their coop falls to minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Moreover, do I need a roof over my chicken run?

If there's no roof over your run, you'll also have to consider the possiblility that hawks might take your chickens, unless you have some wire or netting over the run. I really like having roofed runs on rainy days, plus the roof does provide some shade on the sunny ones, too.

How high does a chicken run need to be?

Chicken wire needs to be burried at least 6 inches with another couple of inches turned outwards but if the soil is loose, you may need to go down 9 inches or more.

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