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Do you wet sand before or after clear coat?

But no, you don't sand before clearing unless you wait too long to apply the clear. You can let the base dry and sand before you clear but that is not the way it's meant to be applied. Ideally, you ultra-fine the clear and buff it to a glossy shine after you've applied it to a properly cured, unsanded base.

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Similarly, you may ask, how soon can you wet sand clear coat?

Even if you used high temperature hardener for the clear, 48 hours is plenty of time. Go easy on the sandpaper grit and let the compound to the work for the buffing. My car was buffed 24 hours later and was not baked. If you wait much longer than 48 hours it's going to get too hard and make it a much tougher job.

Furthermore, how do you wet sand clear coat? Using 2000 grit wet and dry sand paper begin to carefully sand the paint run. Wrap the sandpaper around a small wooden block to ensure the sand paper sands only the run and not the surrounding paint. Make sure you wipe of the excess water regularly as you sand to minimise the chance of wet sanding marks in your paint.

Consequently, how do you prep before painting clear coat?

If you are spraying clear over old paint, or redoing damaged clear coat on a project, the prep is the same as for any other paint: Wet sand smooth, feathering the edges of any old clear coat. Clean with a finish cleaner/de-greaser like PRE paint prep. Then, wipe with a tack cloth to remove any dust.

How do you color sand before clear coat?

Bill - lightly wet sand with some 600 grit. Clean it up, then wipe it down with a tack rag before you shoot the clear. i wet sand with 1000 grit, then tack rag. then do top coats of clear.

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