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Do you remove spacers laminate flooring?

During installation, use spacers or carpenter shims to ensure the proper expansion gap is maintained along all walls of the room. These spacers/shims will be removed after you're finished installing your new laminate floor.

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Just so, do you have to use spacers when laying laminate flooring?

Without an expansion gap, laminate floors would buckle as the material took on moisture in the air. Spacers help create the gap when you install the floor. Typically, laminate flooring calls for a gap of 3/8-inch to 1/2-inch. Spacers often come with the flooring, or you may purchase them separately.

Additionally, how do you remove laminate flooring without damaging it?

  1. To remove the laminate floor itself, slide the “J” end of the flat bar into the gap between the wall and the first row of planks to pry up the first one about 45 degrees.
  2. With the first row removed, simply slide the chisel under each additional plank to lift it up.
  3. Remove the foam padding from the subfloor.

Simply so, how much gap do you leave for laminate flooring?

An expansion gap is essential when it comes to laminate flooring installation. The recommended expansion gap is a minimum of ¼ inch. Expert installers say that the larger the space, the larger the expansion gap should be, as the floor needs more space to expand and contract with temperature.

Why does my laminate floor feels spongy?

A spongy feel underfoot might indicate that the subfloor is not securely attached to the floor joists. This condition allows the floor to give slightly when you step. If the problem is under a linoleum floor, you can't run screws into the flooring surface or you'll damage the linoleum.

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