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Do you put clementines in the fridge?

Clementines will generally keep well at room temperature for about one week; longer storage at room temperature can cause the clementines to shrivel and lose flavor. Properly stored, clementines will usually keep well for about 1 to 2 weeks in the fridge.

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Herein, do clementines need to be refrigerated?

Store clementines in a cool place but don't refrigerate them. As with all citrus, don't store clementines in plastic, either. Clementines last for several weeks after they're picked as long as they are kept relatively cool and out of too much direct sunlight.

Additionally, how do I know if my Clementines are bad? The skin should be somewhat loose-feeling. If the skin is tight on the fruit, it is either not ripe or it is drying out (or it's not a mandarin or clementine). Don't squeeze the fruit and bruise it, but when you pick it up, there should be a bit of give in the skin.

Additionally, should you put cuties in the fridge?

To keep Cuties Clementines as sweet and fresh as possible, simply store them in the refrigerator. The cooler temperature will keep them juicy and fresh for two to three weeks.

Can you peel clementines ahead of time?

Fill the deli drawer of your refrigerator with clementines. This makes them easy to reach and eat for all family members. For ease in eating, you can peel them and put a couple in a Ziploc bag ahead of time.

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