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Do you put a mattress pad on a crib mattress?

Even if you have a crib mattress with a waterproof finish it is a good idea to use a crib mattress pad. The mattress pad provides absorbency and helps manage moisture (i.e. leaking diaper, spit up, drooling, etc.). It helps prevent irritation to baby's skin from exposure to a pool of moisture.

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Correspondingly, is it safe to put a mattress pad on a crib?

Do not put pillows, stuffed animals or thick blankets in the crib. A child can suffocate on a pillow or stuffed animal or use them as steps to climb out. Do not use plastic mattress pads. The plastic can cling to her face and cause suffocation.

One may also ask, what do you put on a crib mattress? To ensure your baby is safe and comfy:

  1. Use either a quilted crib pad (one side is waterproof) or a mattress cover under the sheet to protect the crib mattress.
  2. Don't use plastic sheets.
  3. Use a fitted sheet over the crib mattress.
  4. Do not use sheepskins, pillows, quilts, comforters, stuffed toys or bumper pads in the crib.

Beside above, do you wash crib mattress pad?

Though you do not need to wash your baby's mattress pad frequently as it has sheets over it, however, you can remove the mattress pad after a specific time. In a month, you can wash the mattress pad to keep it clean.

How many mattress pads do I need for a crib?

Crib mattress pads are machine washable and dryer friendly for easy cleaning. Parents should buy 2-4 crib mattress pads so that they have extras on-hand for late-night bedding changes.

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