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Do you need council approval for a shipping container NSW?

In short , you should have obtained council approval before you got the container dumped on your front lawn. O.P. In NSW , most councils consider a shipping container as a shed and you require development approval to place on on your property.

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Hereof, do I need a permit to have a shipping container on my property?

Generally speaking, the shorter the time frame you plan to store a connex container on your property, the easier it will be to get permission. In many cases, a permit is not even required, as long as you don't plan on making the shipping container a permanent structure on your property.

Additionally, do I need a permit to put a shipping container on my property Victoria? In Victoria, Cardinia Council requires a permit if you put a container on your own property, while South Gippsland Council does not allow them in any residential area.

Also, do you need a DA for a shipping container?

If you intend to place a shipping container on your property for more than 30 days, you will need to obtain Building Approval from a Private Building Certifier. You may also need to obtain a Development Permit from Council depending on the size and location of the container.

Do you need council approval for a shipping container in Tasmania?

Containers used as temporary storage are still being used as part of their original use (transportation) and don't need special approval. If you adapt a container as a permanent on-site structure, you will need to consider planning and building requirements.

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