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Do you mix Paul Mitchell pop XG with developer?

Pop XG will be available for salons ongoing September and October 2016. Take a look through the images below for the collection and the beautiful palette! Intermixable shades offer a bright, long-lasting pop of color. Does not require mixing with developer.

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In this manner, is Paul Mitchell pop XG a direct dye?

Experience the power of paint with POP XG, 13 intermixable shades from John Paul Mitchell Systems. The direct dye shades last up to six weeks, and the rich conditioning base leaves hair soft and nourished. The possibilities are endless with POP XG! For more information, visit

Subsequently, question is, how long do you leave pop XG on? Use a mix ratio of 1:1. Extend processing time by 10-15 minutes. Standard processing time for the color XG® is 35 minutes.

Subsequently, question is, how do you mix Paul Mitchell shines XG?

Mix 1 part of shine XG™ to 1.5 parts XG Processing Cream (1:1.5 ratio). 1. Determine the natural level and percentage of gray.

Does Paul Mitchell make hair color?

Experience Our World of Color. Check back often to see what's new! Paul Mitchell® continues to evolve and expand its hair color offerings—from vegan products to permanent formulas—to provide stylists every shade of gorgeous.

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