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Do sonic spikes for moles work?

Might Work: Sonic Mole Repellent Spikes
The concept behind these spikes is that they emit sounds made by moles (and other burrowing animals) when predators are near, scaring moles away. The drawback is that you'll have to replace the batteries.

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Likewise, do sonic repellers work on moles?

They work by sliding them into the ground, usually with a spoke, where they emit sonic vibrations that scare off moles and other rodents. This frequency is undetectable to humans, so it repels your mole problem at no nuisance to you.

Beside above, do Mole Repellent stakes work? Liquid repellents and ultrasonic stakes, when used together, can be even more effective at keeping moles and a variety of other burrowing creatures off of your property. Repellents are the best option if you want to keep moles away but don't want to kill the creatures. They simply force the moles to find a new home.

Also, do Sonic Spikes work for voles?

Victor® repellents are safe to use on lawns and gardens as well as around children and pets. Homeowners can also drive voles from lawns and gardens with Victor® Sonic Spikes and Victor® Solar Powered Sonic Spikes. When inserted in the ground, both spikes emit penetrating sonic pulses every 30 seconds.

Can you electrocute moles?

Electrocuting moles and worms with a worm shocker (designed to force earthworms to the surface with a mild electric shock to kill them with a strong electric shock) is as likely to shock the human operating the device as it is to shock a mole, especially when the ground is wet.

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