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Do plants with non green leaves have chlorophyll?

So generally, plants with non-green leaves will have chlorophyll and photosynthesis, unless they happen to be one of the species of parasitic plants that eat other plants for energy.

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In this regard, do non green plants contain chloroplasts?

Non-green leaves with chlorophyl: There are leaves that don't appear green, but do have chlorophyl and therefore can conduct photosynthesis. (See, for instance, refraction effects in white caladiums or the link in the answer by Resonating). They do have chlorophyll, at least in general.

Additionally, do all plants have chlorophyll? All plants have chlorophyll, which is a green pigment in leaves and stems. Chlorophyll is a light-absorbing pigment, and it actually gets its green color because it absorbs blue and red wavelengths of light.

Then, which plant do not have chlorophyll?

The two main types of plants that are naturally without chlorophyll are called the Dodders (Cuscuta) and Broomrape (Orobanche). Some other plants don't make enough chlorophyll due to a condition called chlorosis.

How do plants with non green leaves make food?

Many plants without green leaves are parasitic - they steal food from other plants or fungi using specialized roots called “haustoria”. Haustoria, like normal roots, absorb water and nutrients, but they grow into another plant (or sometimes fungus) and steal its nutrients instead of taking nutrients from the soil.

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