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Do new drum brakes make noise?

Drum Brakes That Need Lubrication
Once this happens the shoes will scrape against the backing plate, causing a rhythmic squeaking noise with the rotation of the wheels. Most new vehicles have disc brakes on all four wheels, but drum brakes are still used on the rear wheels of some cars.

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Consequently, do new brakes make noise?

The most likely cause for new brake pads squeaking is lack of lubrication on the caliper-to-pad contact points, most likely from an inexperienced mechanic. Some aftermarket brake pads have a high content of "bimetal" material which can cause new brakes to squeak as well.

Additionally, what does a bad brake drum sound like? Scraping noises when brakes are pressed Another symptom commonly associated with bad brake drums is abnormal sounds. If the brake drums become excessively worn, they may give off a scraping or scratching sound when the brakes are depressed.

Moreover, how do I stop my drum brakes from squeaking?

How to Stop Brake Squeal

  1. Analyze the brake squeal.
  2. Be sure new brakes are properly bedded.
  3. Install noise-reducing shims on the backs of your brake pads.
  4. Check that your brake pads are not worn out.
  5. Examine the brake pad and shoe linings to see if they are damaged or unevenly worn.
  6. Check the brake pad design.

Are new rotors supposed to make noise?

Due to getting new rotors, you will want to make sure the correct replacement rotors have been used. Check the wheels and brakes for excess brake dust. This will also make a squeak, but again, a grinding noise is typically metal on metal, or brake pad stuck.

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