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Do mountain lions live in NH?

There have been several alleged sightings of mountain lions in New Hampshire recently. The big cat has been extinct at least the eastern mountain lion has been extinct here since the mid 80s hundreds. New Hampshire Fish and Game Department says there's no proof. Mountain lions live in the state.

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Thereof, do cougars live in New Hampshire?

Two of the known mountain lions in New Hampshire have spent their 15 years in close proximity to humans. They and some cougars (one of many names for mountain lions) at Charmingfare Farm in Candia are the only known mountain lions living in the state. But that's always been a topic of debate.

Secondly, do Bobcats live in New Hampshire? Bobcat populations are found throughout New England though Rhode Island is considered to have a lowest population of the region. In New Hampshire, bobcats are thought to historically have had the greatest presence in the southwest corner of the state.

Likewise, what kind of wild cats live in New Hampshire?

Official State Wildcat of New Hampshire Nearly exterminated in New Hampshire during the 1970s and 1980s due to hunting and loss of habitat, the elusive bobcat is returning to the state; according to a University of New Hampshire survey, between 800 and 1,200 bobcats now live in the granite state.

Do cougars live in New England?

Cougar truthers” are certain that the big cat is living and breeding again in New England. Wildlife experts say no. The 1881 death of this catamount officially marked the end of cougars in Vermont; however, the very last Eastern cougar is thought to be an animal that was killed in Somerset County, Maine, in 1938.

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