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Do Kindergarteners need a backpack?

Backpack: Kids in pre-K may not need a backpack yet, but once your child starts kindergarten, invest in one for carrying items like a lunch box, water bottle, show-and-tell objects, and homework. For kids at this age, a rolling backpack can be too cumbersome and isn't necessary.

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Correspondingly, what school supplies do kindergarteners need?


  • Pencil box ($4,
  • Crayons ($4,
  • Colored pencils ($6,
  • Washable markers ($5,
  • No. 2 pencils ($6,
  • Pencil sharpener ($7,
  • Erasers ($6,
  • Glue sticks ($6,

Also, do kids need a backpack for preschool? Water bottle, or drink cups. A regular sized backpack. As tempting as those adorable mini backpacks are; they need a backpack that has a pocket that is standard backpack size. This is because they will be bringing home full sized papers and forms and their artwork throughout the year.

Consequently, what is the best backpack for kindergarten?

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  • Best Overall: JanSport Superbreak Backpack on Amazon.
  • Best Baby: Freilach Baby Diaper Bag Backpack on Amazon.
  • Best Toddler: Skip Hop Zoo Toddler Backpack on Amazon.
  • Best Preschool: Obersee All-in-One Pre-School Backpack on Amazon.
  • Best Grade School: L.L.Bean Original Book Pack on LL Bean.

How big should a backpack be for kindergarten?

The backpack should fit two inches below the shoulders and up to four inches below the waist, so adding two inches to the measurement will produce the right number.

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