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Do I really need a carbon monoxide detector?

Every home with at least one fuel-burning appliance/heater, attached garage or fireplace should have a carbon monoxide alarm. An alarm should be installed on every level of the home and in sleeping areas. Place the alarm at least 15 feet away from fuel-burning appliances.

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Also question is, do I need a carbon monoxide detector if I have no gas?

gas on your property.” Nobody has carbon monoxide piped onto their property. So, no, you don't need a CO detector in your home if you do not have a garage. But, if your house has an attached garage, a CO detector & alarm is as important and necessary as a smoke alarm.

Subsequently, question is, can you get carbon monoxide poisoning in an all electric house? In fact, most building codes now require a carbon monoxide alarm on every floor of the house. However, if you do not have any sources of combustible fuel in your home — that is, your space heaters and whole-house heating system are electric, as are all of your appliances — then a CO detector isn't really necessary.

In respect to this, why are carbon monoxide detectors important?

Carbon monoxide alarms detect the poisonous gas and provide early warning. In the event of a carbon monoxide leak, it is critical that you get to fresh air as soon as possible.

Will a carbon monoxide detector detect low levels?

They are NOT required to warn of low-levels of CO. The UL standard requires detectors to alarm within 90 minutes when exposed to 100 ppm; 35 minutes when exposed to 200 ppm and 15 minutes when exposed to 400 ppm. Some detectors are more sensitive and will, when exposed for many hours, detect or alarm at lower levels.

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