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Do I paint inside of drawers?

If the inside of a drawer has scratches, stains or looks very worn and dirty, I'll paint it. 2. If the drawer smells of smoke, dirty socks, or has that old musty stench, I'll paint it. A good odor killing primer such as KILZ along with a few coats of paint will block and eliminate odors.

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Similarly, can you paint a dresser inside?

Many latex-based paints today are low VOC, but check before using them. Most furniture paints, however, are at least low VOC, so you don't have to be worried about using them inside or with children nearby. Here are some places you can paint your dresser: Basement.

Also Know, do you paint the back of a dresser? Most of the backs of furniture are luan plywood, particle board, or cardboard. Depending upon the quality of the piece itself. It can be painted, but remember depending upon the type of material it is, do not overdo it with water based paint as it can easily become warped.

Besides, can you paint drawers?

Apply a coat of primer. When painting furniture use, 2 light coats of primer and 2 light coats of paint, letting each coat dry thoroughly before applying the next. I line up drawers on a drop cloth and use a roller to paint them. The angled brush comes in handy if any paint drips.

Will a quart of paint cover a dresser?

One quart can cover a bed, a dresser and four chairs. And one gallon is enough to paint the average sized kitchen. Usually you only need one coat of Old Village Paint, even with dark colors.

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