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Do I need camber kit with coilovers?

no you do not need a camber kit. Just get a good alignment and you will be set. However, I DO NOT suggest putting coilover sleeves on stock shocks. Your stock shock absorbers will blow out in no time and the car will be dangerous to drive until you replace them with something better.

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Just so, do I need a camber kit?

Despite the myths that have been perpetuated since the mid-90's, camber kits ARE NOT required to prevent uneven tire wear after lowering a Honda. Even the very first issue of Super Street magazine in 1996 talks about installed camber kits to prevent tire wear.

Beside above, do camber kits replace control arms? Well since they designed it for the factory ride height, when you lower the vehicle it will throw off important suspension geometries, including some that will throw off camber. Adjustable control arms will replace your factory control arm and give you further adjustment, they're typically threaded.

People also ask, what does a camber kit do?

On a car a camber kit will replace the bolts that hold the strut in place. So for people who don't understand the camber is looking at whether or not your tire and wheel is standing straight up or whether it is leaning in or leaning out. On a car a camber kit will replace the bolts that hold the strut in place.

Can camber be adjusted?

When to Adjust Camber Camber problems usually show up as handling or tire wear problems. Usually, all four wheels will feature some negative camber, and a vehicle will tend to pull to the side that has the most positive camber. Camber may need to be adjusted if your usage scenario demands better cornering performance.

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