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Do I need a VPC?

VPCs are useful if your app needs to access servers outside of EC2, e.g. if you have a common service that's hosted in your own physical data center and not accessible via the internet. If you're going to put all of your web and DB servers on EC2, there's no reason to use VPC.

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Herein, do I need AWS VPC?

Amazon VPC enables you to build a virtual network in the AWS cloud - no VPNs, hardware, or physical datacenters required. You can define your own network space, and control how your network and the Amazon EC2 resources inside your network are exposed to the Internet.

Additionally, does Lambda need VPC? By default, Lambda runs your functions in a secure VPC with access to AWS services and the internet. The VPC is owned by Lambda and does not connect to your account's default VPC. When you connect a function to a VPC in your account, it does not have access to the internet unless your VPC provides access.

Thereof, why VPC is required?

1. Amazon VPC gives a lot of security to your data and instances. Amazon VPC is a logically isolated portion of Amazon Web Services that gives you a virtual network where you can launch instances with particular rules and policies to get access to the Internet.

Is VPC free in AWS?

3 Answers. VPC's themselves are free (not just the default one). You may pay for additional VPC services (NAT Gateway/VPN/Private Link) and of course the actual traffic charges in and out of your Internet Gateway.

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