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Do humans have a Spinodeltoid?

a. Humans do not have the pectoantebrachialis and xiphihumeralis muscles. In humans, pectoralis major is much larger than pectoralis minor; in cats these two muscles are roughly of equal size.

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In this manner, do cats have the same muscles as humans?

Explanation: Both humans and cat have smooth and striated muscle throughout the two muscular systems as well as cardiac muscle in the heart, quadrupedalism is the presence of four limbs.

Additionally, what muscles in the upper leg are present in the cat but they are absent in humans? Caudofemoralis is found in the cat but not in the human. There is no caudofemoralis muscle in the human. Thigh muscles in the human.

Also to know is, what are the major differences between the pectoral muscle of humans and cats?

One difference in cat and human muscles are the chest area. The superficial part of a human chest only has the pectoralis major and the cat has both the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor. In a human the pectoralis minor is deeper in the chest along with the serratus snterior.

What do cats have that humans dont?

One organ that humans have that cats are lacking, is the appendix. He isn't angry, he's pulling a new scent into his mouth for his vomeronasal organ to evaluate. Often, intact male felines rely on this organ to pick up pheromones from female cats in heat, letting them know it's time to breed.

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