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Do hotels offer birthday discounts?

You might save money when booking a hotel for your birthday getaway at certain hotels. When booking stays during your birthday month, Destination Hotels boasts 20% off discounts and birthday treats at certain hotels, like a unicorn cake from Terranea Resorts' and birthday cake truffles from Wild Dunes.

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Beside this, how do you ask for a hotel on your birthday?

A week or so before the trip call the hotel and ask to speak to either Guest Services or the GM. Say that you'd like to do something special during your trip for a special occasion and ask about what they can do - bottle of Champagne in the room?, flowers?, etc. Don't ask for anything free.

Secondly, how do you get a special treatment at a hotel? Here's our ultimate guide on how to get VIP treatment at hotels for free.

  1. Join the Hotel Loyalty Program.
  2. Mention a Special Occasion.
  3. Add a Note to Reservation.
  4. Email the General Manager of the Hotel.
  5. Have Status With Other Hotels.
  6. Get a Hotel Credit Card.
  7. Contact the Concierge.
  8. Book an Activity or In Room Amenity.

Also Know, do hotels decorate rooms for birthdays?

Birthday. Let us decorate your hotel room for your birthday surprise! Order any package and personalize it with a "Happy Birthday" banner, streamers, birthday hats, or more. We'll set it up in your room at any Hotel, Bed & Breakfast, or Vacation Rental.

Does Marriott do anything for birthdays?

With Marriott's Rewards program, for example, you get one free night during your birthday month (just make sure to add your birthday to your Rewards member profile.)

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