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Do greenhouses need to be clear?

Clear is best, in my opinion. It's more like outdoors and allows more light, which is generally a good thing. The only things I would consider blocking are UV rays and infrared, but you can still have a clear greenhouse with UV and infrared filters. Most plastic probably blocks UV rays already.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, does greenhouse plastic have to be clear?

This 6mil greenhouse plastic has been treated to reduce infrared and ultraviolet sunlight. At 6 mil thickness, it's certainly sturdy enough to hold up to the weather. It's mostly clear to offer good light transmission to the plants underneath. Be sure to put something between the greenhouse plastic and the pipes!

Additionally, what color should a greenhouse be? The greenhouse interior should have as much white surface area as possible. White surfaces reflect rather than absorb the light bathing the entire structure in light. Ideally, the only dark colors in a greenhouse are containers.

Also know, is green or clear better for a greenhouse?

Clear or frosted panels let in 78 to 90 percent of natural light, while green panels will not let in nearly enough light for your plants. If clear or frosted fiberglass panels are used, purchase only “greenhouse quality” panels.

Do greenhouses block sunlight?

Even in the winter, your plants may need shade from the sun. The greenhouse cover increases heat inside, so have a system to shade the plants when the sun glares.

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