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Do germinating peas undergo cellular respiration?

Peas are seeds, or embryonic plants. When they are exposed to the right conditions, the plant will emerge from the seed and begin to grow; this process is called germination. Cellular respiration is necessary for germination to occur.

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In this manner, does cellular respiration occur in non germinating peas?

Non-germinating seeds, however, are dormant and use very little respiration. Some respiration must occur in order for the seed to live. The rate of cellular respiration will be greater in germinating peas than in dry peas, and temperature will have a direct effect on this rate.

Secondly, why do germinating peas undergo cell respiration faster than dry peas? Germinating seeds are used in the experiment because germinating plants respire a lot more than a plant that has already grown, this is because the new plants require more energy and oxygen to get started. Non-germinating peas and glass beads were also tested in the procedure, the glass beads acting as the control.

which is more actively undergoing cellular respiration a germinating or non germinating peas?

Increasing the temperature could increase the oxygen consumption. Germinating peas have a higher respiration rate than non-germinating. 2. This activity uses a number of controls.

Do germinating seeds undergo cell respiration?

The process of cellular respiration is necessary for a dormant seed to stay alive and begin germination. Cellular respiration provides the seed with the necessary nutrients and the energy to sprout roots and leaves. The seed's stored food is then converted into energy.

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