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Do deer eat cucumbers?

Cucumber is a thorny vegetable which deer usually avoid to eat. Deer don't like eating cucumber but they may eat the plants and leaves.

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People also ask, what animals eat cucumbers?

Although a raccoon won't refuse to eat a cucumber, it also feasts on other garden crops, including tomatoes, salad greens, fruit and corn. Rather than worrying about raccoons eating your cucumbers, learn how you can use the plants to protect your more valuable crops.

Subsequently, question is, what veggies do deer not eat? Certain plants, such as rhubarb, are toxic to deer. Deer usually also avoid root vegetables (which require digging) and prickly vegetables such as cucumbers and squashes with hairy leaves. Cultivars with strong odors such as onions, garlic and fennel are not palatable to deer.

In this regard, what vegetables do deer eat?

Aromatic Vegetables Hungry deer will eat almost any garden vegetable, but they especially relish sweet corn, tomatoes, pumpkins, green beans, carrots, peas, broccoli, lettuce and greens.

Do deer eat bananas?

Whitetail deer love sweet things. The diet of a deer includes such things as grass, bark, twigs, berries, young shoots and other vegetation. Deer eat bananas because they are sweet. Deer may attack your banana crop and eat banana plants and trees.

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