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Do deer eat crepe myrtles?

Crape myrtles (Lagerstroemia indica) come in a variety of different hybrids with bright, lacy flower clusters in the summer. Though the hungriest deer will eat plants not characteristic of its regular diet, deer will seldom eat any variety of crape myrtle.

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In this manner, what animal eats crepe myrtles?

Several predators feed on the crape myrtle aphid. These include ladybird beetles (ladybugs) and their larvae (immature forms), green lacewings and their larvae, hover fly maggots, parasitic wasps, and entomophagous (insect feeding) fungi.

Subsequently, question is, do deer like to eat ferns? Boston ferns are considered deer resistant which means that if there are enough other food sources around, deer will not eat them. Bear in mind that when there is nothing else to eat, deer will eat Boston ferns and other plants that they normally leave alone.

Similarly, it is asked, what trees are deer resistant?

As a general rule, evergreen trees that tend to be ignored by deer include species of juniper, pines, firs and spruces. Deciduous trees that exhibit deer resistance include Paw Paw, Black Tupelo, Mimosa, Red Maple, Japanese Maple, Black Locust, Sweetgum, Mulberry and Black Walnut.

Are Black Eyed Susan deer resistant?

Deer seem to stay clear of plants that are fuzzy like Lamb's Ear, Foxglove and Black-eyed Susan. Thorns, spines, and needles provide clues that these choices are generally deer resistant. Master gardeners have observed that deer rarely eat plants that produce yellow flowers.

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