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Do deer eat Bradford pears?

Bradford / ornamental pear. They will eat them.

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Also question is, do deer eat Callery pears?

Bradford / ornamental pear. They will eat them.

Secondly, are Bradford pear trees dangerous? Bradford pear trees can be dangerous They can grow up to 30 feet tall, which is dangerous because the trees have a weak branch structure. Bradford pear trees often break apart within 20 years, as former Tribune-Times columnist Durant Ashmore has reported.

Correspondingly, why Bradford pear trees are bad?

The trees are resistant to most pests and diseases. They have a very weak branch structure causing them to split easily. The South Carolina Forestry Commission discourages planting the Bradford pear. According to a release from the commission, "Do not plant Callery or Bradford pear.

What kind of pears Do deer like?

Like apples, pears have varied drop times, so a variety of pears can be planted to get deer coming and keep deer coming. Kieffer and Korean Giant/Olympic Pear are good late season varieties that drop late and last on the ground until eaten.

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