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Do Coles do same day delivery?

Coles offers next-day delivery (cut-off timing varies depending on your location and the delivery timeslot you want). Same-day delivery is available between 4pm and 6pm, provided you place your order by 1pm.

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Accordingly, how long does it take for Coles Online to deliver?

Your shopping, when you want it

Windows Length Delivery Fee FREE Over
2 hrs $14 $300+
3 hrs $11 $250+
6 hrs $8 $150+

Secondly, is there a minimum spend for Coles delivery? The minimum order amount for Click&Collect at Coles Express is $80 excluding delivery fees or other discounts.

Then, can you track Coles delivery?

When your order is running later than predicted we will do our best to notify you via SMS. You can also track your order via the 'orders' section in your account menu and selecting the appropriate order. This option only appears when you are logged in.

What happens if my Coles delivery is late?

ORDERS, DELIVERY AND COLLECTION OF GOODS. Late cancellation fee: If you cancel an Order after the order cut off time, Coles Online may charge you and you must pay a late cancellation fee. Delivery: For all deliveries, you will be responsible for choosing between whether your Goods are delivered as Bagged or Bagless.

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