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Do brussel sprouts contain Sulphur?

Brussels Sprouts and Health
Cruciferous vegetables contain a sulfur-containing phytochemical called glucosinolate, which is responsible for the distinctive odor and bitter flavor.

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Simply so, what do brussel sprouts contain?

In addition to the nutrients above, Brussels sprouts contain small amounts of vitamin B6, potassium, iron, thiamine, magnesium and phosphorus (1). Summary: Brussels sprouts are low in calories but high in many nutrients, especially fiber, vitamin K and vitamin C.

Furthermore, what happens if you eat too many brussel sprouts? Brussels sprouts tend to make an appearance on the Christmas dinner table, with some loving the green vegetable and others loathing it. But eating too many of them can actually pose a risk to your health. Brussels sprouts contain vitamin K, which is a chemical the body uses to promote blood clotting.

Correspondingly, are brussel sprouts high in acid?

Brussels sprouts can help lower cholesterol. The fibre-related nutrients in Brussels sprouts bind with intestinal bile acids, helping them to pass out of the body. One study showed that steamed Brussels sprouts bound 27 percent as many bile acids as a cholesterol-lowering prescription drug called 'cholestyramine. '

Are brussels sprouts a superfood?

Packed with immunity-boosting vitamin C and cancer-fighting glucosinolates, Brussels sprouts are among the most powerful cold-weather superfoods. And because they produce sugar in reaction to frost, they taste less bitter now.

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